BOMA architects is a young architecture society created by Pauline Coutagne, DPLG architect and François-Xavier Bourgeois, interior architect.

This association is due to the collaboration in free-lance on numerous projects, the first one being the  Cosmic gallery in the Marais in Paris, a dense and ambitious project of a 700 m² contemporary art gallery.

The experiences encountered by the two collaborators with Bruno Moinard, Jean-François- Bodin, Jean Nouvel, Bernard Tschumi enabled them to work on many different  cross-cultural and prestigious projects.

Today, their team has developed and now homes about 5 collaborators, depending on the current projects. 


Pauline Coutagne

Architect DPLG

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Pauline  Coutagne followed a curriculum to become a DPLG architect and studied at “l’Ecole de Marseille Luminy et Istituto Universitario di Architettura Venezia” from 1993 to 1999.

She entered the Bodin (and co) agency for 3 years to work on the renovation of the “Georges Pompidou” museum, as an assistant and later, project manager.

A free-lance architect since 2002, she worked for different Parisian agencies as a free-lance project manager :BTuA- Bernard Tschumi, 4BI- Bruno Moinard .

Pauline Coutagne worked in collaboration with the Achille agency on projects related to restaurants and today, on the renovation of the entry in the  Château de Vincennes. She was also a pert of the Composite architects agency and  Pastille Design, before having created BOMA architect with François-Xavier Bourgeois with whom she’s been collaborating since 2002.


François-Xavier Bourgeois

Interior architect, designer

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Born in Troyes, François-Xavier Bourgeois obtained his interior architect’s degree at the Camondo school in Paris from 1994 to 1999, after getting his ATC in Applied

His professional career started during a collaborative curriculum from 1998 to 2000 at the heart of the 4BI- Bruno Moinard agency.

He joined Bodin (and co) in year 2000 to work on Kenzo, boutiques as well as the Hotel Ambassador (Paris) contest laureate.

From 2000 to 2006 François-Xavier Bourgeois  arrived in Jean Nouvel Design-Atelier Jean Nouvel’s team where he worked as manager of the Interior Architect Unit..

His free-lance projects started in 2002 after the Cosmic gallery project in Paris with Pauline Manser.



They worked with Boma

Camille Evrard

Emmanuelle Vayson

Corinne Jaurand

Hélène Ruelle

Aurélie Jumeau

Calyn Perkins

Thibaud Villiers-Moriamé

Stéphanie Desjobert

Memia Farhat

Nadia Ben Salah

Lise Ricordeau

Thais Bosquet

Mehdi Hamrouni

Clément Perret

Eya Bergaoui

Chloé Grossetête

Mohammed Hedi Bouslama

Alessandro Burattini

Marie-Alice Hallé

Benjamin Laval

Carole Beaufils

Alexia Colombani

Laura Giuliani

Charlotte Avignon

Ra'Inui Huang

N'Jee Mariatou

Caroline Mura

Anne-Claire Jaudon

Shirley Hottier

Catarina Rodrigues

Stéphanie Vizzavona

Djallal Bessaih

Technical support

One Epson stylus photo A3 ikjet printer, A3 HP ink jet printer, Scanner and printer A4 HP vivera, one colored laser printer, scanner, photocopier size A3.

Office of 140m² located 74 rue Etienne Dolet 94140 Alfortville
Five flat screen desktop PCs working unit, one laptop computer Dell, one laptop Surcouf, with Word 2007, Excel 2007, Outlook 2007, Autocad 2010, 3DS max, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe reader 8, Power point 2007.

Survey of the different places of the projects.